COUNTRY INSIDER – 12-18-2020

2020 Is Finally Almost Over. Bring On 2021 —Please!!



Normally, right about now, we’d all be thinking about what New Year’s resolutions we could list for 2021, right?Let’s all agree that 2020 has been anything buta normal year. A history-making pandemic, shutdowns, layoffs and a very divided country, politically. We’ve had to do more for less with less! Whatever adverse that could happen, happened. But a vaccine is rolling out, and maybe things will approach some form of normal at some point in early summer —we hope! There’s one other caveat to the coming year, too: The first day back at work starts a full workweek. Not one or two days on the job and then into a weekend. It’ll be game time!Are you ready? Is your staff ready? If there is any year you should be hitting the ground running, it’s 2021!Start Now! Today! This Hour! This Minute!First and foremost, look in the mirror. Are you leading or managing your staff? Simply defined, managers have people who work for them. Leaders have people who followthem. Yes, we have to be a combination of the two, for sure, but 2021’s start definitely calls for full leadership!Your staff needs someone who won’t get caught up in the minutiae of daily responsibility. That work has to be done, but they need a trailblazer to start 2021! It all starts with you!Go right to the Big Picture! Challenge yourself and your staff to examine everything –imaging, music, annual promotions, digital and each show, whether live, voice-tracked or syndicated. Honestly evaluate your competitors. Old ideas are not welcome! Challenge everyone to come up with fresh, unique thoughts on every aspect of the station. Call them together in a virtual setting so they can see and share your genuine enthusiasm (I’m guessing we’re not at the staff meeting in the conference room stage yet). Throw out the phrase “We’ve always done that” and think more “No one’s ever done thatbefore.”Encourage them to do something a mentor of mine always encouraged –swing the bat! What’s the worst that could happen? Remember, nothing happens if the bat stays on your shoulder! Get your staff (and you) to submit all thoughts and ideas no later than right before the new year. Compile what you get and assemble an actual 2021 action plan that’s starts on Jan. 4, 2021. Be specific with your outline so that everyone understands. Have another virtual meeting on Monday, Jan. 4 –as early in the day as possible. Get everyone in the “looking forward” mindset and away from whatever holiday “blahs” they may have. Give responsibilities and specific tasks related to the ideas to each staff member. Give them deadlines but cheer them on and help them along the way. Get them personally invested in the station’s success and excited about the future. You and your staff have just experienced the worst nine months of any year, anywhere. What a great time to move ahead! Don’t Look Back! Bring on 2021 –please!!!!