Artist Radio 101 Bootcamp for Recording Artists

As a recording artist, you will have an advantage over your peers with detailed knowledge of the radio business. Building relationships = Airplay!!

A 3 to 4-session, one-on-one discussion with the artist, broken down into 90 minutes to two hours each to get into specific categories with detail. Any additional email/phone discussions are included, if necessary/desired. The objective is for the artist to really have a clear idea as to what’s out there in the radio world that relates to him/her for the ultimate goal of sheer knowledge where that knowledge becomes power, in a sense!!

NOTE: Also offer a pared-down version of this for new label promotion reps – one two-hour session.

  • Radio Chain of command – Who is in charge of what?
  • PD Areas of Responsibility – What does he/she oversee? What are he/she accountable for?
  • Music Selection Process – From research tools used to how decisions are made for airplay
  • Music Scheduling Process – how this affects airplay and you, the artist, on a daily/weekly basis
  • PD Personalities – Get an idea of the different types who are out there
  • Creating and Nurturing the PD Relationship – What you can do and examples of what’s worked and what hasn’t
  • Hitting the Road – What gets attention and makes an impression
  • The Interview - The different type of interviewers and how they shape your interview
  • Mock Interview – The artist gets interviewed by Shomby.

NOTE: All sessions will be recorded for future reference by management, the label, and the artist.


Zoom session with Wheelhouse artist Elvie Shane

Zoom session with Big Loud's Larry Fleet

Zoom session with Warner Brothers Artist, Shy Carter

Learn from a 35+ Year Radio Veteran

John Shomby will show you the ins and outs of the radio business and teach you how to develop a long-lasting working relationship with programmers and radio stations.